Pictures : Danielle Giguère

Prix Folk anglais Prix Folk françaisNomination 2011

TIDAL WAVE is a unique traditional music ensemble on the Quebecois folk music scene. Composed of accomplished musicians, recognized by their peers as top musicians, the ensemble has evolved since 2004 primarily as a dance band, infusing them with the original essence of traditional instrumental music: to make people dance.

TIDAL WAVE whose members come from Quebec (Sabin Jacques on accordion and violin Eric Favreau), Acadie (Rachel Aucoin on piano and vocals) and New England (Stuart Kenney on bass and banjo) invites cultures to meet and share a passion for traditional music and dance.


TIDAL WAVE reveals a deeply rooted music, authentic and heartfelt. Relying primarily on a traditional repertoire, their music is contagiously energetic and sensitive. They propel dancers and audiences into a world of liveliness.


TIDAL WAVE performs for dances as well as on concert stages, participates in camps and also offers school workshops. The band’s impeccable performances make them well in demand for American festival stages and have grown to be one of the best dance bands in the country.


Their latest album MARCHE DU ST-LAURENT features inspired melodies, both bound to be danced to and listened to with pure enjoyment. Served by flawless execution and backed by a deliciously imaginative accompaniment, the album shows maturity and a rare blend of excellent musicianship.